Lost Lives

She is sitting on the pavement gazing the setting sun, her first love. At this arrogant moment, only the cold breeze through her short-and-long hair, last rays from her love and smell from the lavender beside, could console her.

She’s not talking to me. Not for any particular reason but because life is being unfair with her. I am like a punching bag for her. Many a time, counsellor too. But I know, all she needs from me is assurance. Sometimes, about her life and sometimes, about the lives she loves.

I know, she would turn around to look at me, anytime now. Her anger was just like a spiked flash, lasting for few minutes. I know she would smile at me for her silly behavior. And to cover it up, she would hug me like a teddy bear. After all, she’s my wisest woman.

“Did he call you, Rohan?” She said rubbing her eyes with tears. She hasn’t turned towards me, yet. Hence, I went and sat between her and the lavender plant. I didn’t look at her, instead the sun.

“Yes, so when should I take you home?” I asked while faking happiness.

“No, I won’t go, let him come

“I can’t go easy on him, always

“And don’t tell him that I am over with my anger” she told me with a tone of authority.

I looked at the last arc of sun with envy. My happiness was about to go. I slyly hoped her to stay but then, I couldn’t do anything, except to keep my hope alive. I smiled at my melancholy and said,” As you say, Khushi”.

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