Magic of Warmth

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‘May I get my room with the girl just left?’ I asked the person who looked extremely professional that I felt I could be sued any minute.

‘No Ma’am, she already got paired up,’ he said expressionlessly. My lump swelled in my throat to imagine a new room in a strange city, without my best friend and soul sister, Megha.

‘Oh okay’ I finally uttered imitating his calm attitude.

Megha looked at me from a distance. Her big innocent eyes seemed to guess what had happened thus, she turned pale. We cursed our luck and finally, cheered ourselves up, for the six-month training in front of us.

I got a decent Punjabi girl, Meet. And Megha was lucky to get her college friend, Sara, as her roommate. Our rooms were in the same building and on same floor. So, we finally breathed air of relief. I didn’t tell her that I was already getting bad vibes about the place though its humongous architecture conveyed otherwise. After all, It was the famous Infosys, Mysore.

I liked my classroom, especially its door having a big vintage handle, which reminded me of my childhood fantasies about Harry Potter’s life. Megha and I were in same class but seats were arranged in alphabetical order thus she sat in the front while I got a seat at the back. Deep down, we knew that both of us, no longer could roam hands in hands laughing in our own world, like college days. Our friendship started to get confined to having lunch and dinner together. It was all going so fast for me that I didn’t realized I wasn’t happy anymore. I created a new friend ’s circle and we all laughed and worked together, but they’re just some loose threads which could’t keep me bounded. I made them friends but didn’t maintain closeness with them. A part of me, was still waiting for Megha to return to my world.

One day, while I was staring at ceiling of her room she told me that she had started liking someone. And it’s mutual. I instantly hugged her and we started talking about him. She told me about their days. As she was describing her life, I was all ears but my mind kept thinking that she didn’t tell me when it first happened. She didn’t, immediately, tell me when it was first confessed though I was her only best friend there. She just didn’t. I got hurt. I consoled myself that it’s just a little thing, maybe she got busy understanding a new person and his relation. But little things hurt the most.

Our moments of togetherness started deceasing. My morning calls to her started getting ignored with her sleep. ‘I slept late, darling,’ she told me. She was no longer available for me. It shocked my conscience which was habitual of her being around. I came to know of her importance in my life. I knew it’s all normal. Friends face such issues when one of them gets committed. But when it happened with me, I couldn’t help becoming a moron. I was angry with her every time, for no reason. On some alone days while sipping tea, her thought made my eyes to brim with tears. I was finding it to difficult keep myself at peace. I started hating the place. I started hating everything around me. That merry child inside me was wailing which nobody could hear as  her  favorite doll was no longer with her. She felt somebody had snatched it.

We all are afraid of change. It’s a challenging change for me. Near the end of our training, we both landed on a land full of grudges, mostly from my side. We fought and stopped talking. When only few days were left for our training to get over, my lovely Punjabi soul came to me.

‘What’s happening, Viditi,’ Meet asked sounding exasperated.

‘Why?’ I asked, with a dull face.

‘I saw Megha weeping last night outside with someone

‘And here you’re sitting all sulked,’ she said.

I told her all that was running inside my mind. I cried and she consoled me like I expected. She has got a motherly instinct instilled in her. She told me it’s wrong to distance someone just because they changed with life. At one point or another, I would get changed too. It’s all right to complain to her or to even shout at her but to hold grudges, was just so wrong. It was foolish to soar a long friendship based on some events. At that point, I hauled my knees close to my chest. I went knee deep in my thoughts about Megha. I bawled at myself. Meet became obscure with my tears. She had given an advice of a lifetime to me. I felt I owed her something for making me look at my friendship with Megha again.

Surrounded by sorrow, I failed to, at least, talk to her properly. I ignored with my tears that just a conversation between us was missing. Amidst my longing for her, I forgot to tell her about my complains and problems. I finally realized it my mistakes. I felt enlightened. I marched swiftly through my door towards her room.

She opened the door with a heavy heart and wet eyes. I immediately hugged her. We both stood at the doorway weeping as we hugged. And then, we started laughing. No word was needed. We both knew we missed each other so much. Her warmth made me feel happy after a longtime. I felt I had got my best friend back. In that magic moment of her warmth, all my grudges and anger on her melted away.

But the clock was ticking. I had to leave for Pune the next day. I regretted the time I wasted on anger. I was going to miss her, even our silly fights. We both thanked Meet and kissed her chubby cheeks. And I realized, anger makes us weak and takes away our ability to think right. I promised myself to take control of my anger before anger controlling me. I hugged Megha so tightly with affection and asked,’Let’s go for a coffee’.

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